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November 2005

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Wheel of Value: a.k.a. Know Good Copy Writing to Know Good Traffic

Local Searches:
Don't Miss Local Marketing Opportunities

First Things First:
Writing Effective Copy for your Audience is the first step in Internet Marketing and SEO

Small Business Resources:
Resources for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Readers' Corner:
Feedback, Ideas, Questions & Answers and more...

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Wheel of Value


To Know Good Copy Writing is to Know Good Traffic... or conversely ... No Good Copy = 'No Good' Site:


I used to work as a manager for the world's largest retailer and the VP of my division once said this of marketing efforts,


"It won't sell

if you don't tell."


I very much appreciated this man's simple way of getting to the heart of the matter and I agree wholeheartedly with his logic. How can you expect people to buy your goods and/or services if you don't clearly communicate them to your prospective customers?


Internet Marketing  -

It Won't Sell - If You Don't Tell.


Click the "Wheel of Value" image above for full sized version

Seems like a simple enough question yet time and time again we get bogged down in the more complex issues surrounding marketing today.


The truth of the matter is that it doesn't have to so difficult - unless you enjoy spending great amounts of time on the redundant elements.


Look at the Wheel of Value image above. Like the message, "It won't sell if you don't tell.", is is simple and clear. To effectively market your goods and services:

- you need to understand your prospective client's needs

- communicate to those prospects that you can meet those or exceed those needs

- reliably

- with integrity

- and that you too desire a relationship that is mutually beneficial

- build trust from the moment they click into your site

- meeting them in the middle of the chart

Sounds, "too simple?" It shouldn't, because that should be the core behind your business practices as well.


And it all starts with clear, concise copy writing


Tell your prospective clients 'what's in it for them'
Whether you are a rental property owner or a widget manufacturer you have a story to tell. If you write your copy in a client centered fashion they will appreciate your efforts and seek further contact with you.

• write your copy with the target audience in mind
• do it with integrity & demonstrate your reliability (ex. testimonials)

• keep it simple - avoid 'techno babble' (unless you're purposefully marketing 'techno gadgets' to 'techno geeks')
• use your website to 'show and tell' the value of choosing you
• and remember - it is all about their needs... not yours


Get the 'head nod effect' with complete and comprehensive copy


“40% of all visitors to sites are driven away

due to incomplete content” — Forrester Research.

You want your prospective clients to view your site and feel as though they know you and even more importantly - that you know them and you understand their needs.


This is what I call the 'head nod effect' and there is no simpler way to illustrate it than to ask you to recall your last online search for a product, service or information.




You typed in a search word or phrase and the first ten results matching your phrase were displayed in front of you. Then you began clicking through the various links and you entered and exited the multitudes of sites until you found the site that answered your questions and made you nod your head in approval - the "Marketing Winner".


How did they do it? Simple - Good Copy Writing combined with good Organic Search Engine Optimization by their web developer.


What are you waiting for? Let's start writing or re-writing your website today and get you connected to your prospective clients with effective internet marketing based on good copy writing.



Local Searches - Are You Missing Local Customers?

I can't stress this enough so irrespective of being redundant I am going to publish this article again.

In May of 2003 we wrote, "Local Searches are the untapped resource to drive local customers to your business." And in October of 2003 Google debuted their local search and launched local pay-per-click campaigns.

If your site hasn't been optimized for Local customers you are likely missing a large segment of your local market.

As Local Search portions of search engines have evolved they have become more and more efficient at finding relevant local results. And since over 32% of your prospects will search locally for goods and services you don't want to miss this huge opportunity to attract customers within your geographic market.

Take a Proactive approach and list your site with Google Local and Yahoo Local. It's free and thus worth every penny.

Be Sure to Capture Local Traffic on Your Web Site

Optimize your site for
Local Customers

Writing Effective Copy

Effective copy writing is the first step to promoting your web site in your internet marketing endeavors.


We have recognized an increasing trend in search engine behavior that will one day change the way web pages are written and developed. Pages that used to rely heavily on keywords and metatags to lure traffic will soon become a thing of the past.


Trust me on this one as I go on the record to say that soon, the search engines will look at and

review the written copy of the page to determine the page relevance and value to the search query.


When this happens - Effective SEO will become what we have been encouraging since day one. Always write for your clients first - Content is Crucial and Content is King.

Writing Effective Copy for Your Clients
Write for Your Prospective Clients First

Small Business Resources

US Small Business Administration What's New? has been incorporated into Before launching your business, be sure to check on specific laws and regulations in your area.

Small Business Administration

A wealth of FREE information, regulations and forms for Small Business Owners every where. Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource.

Readers' Corner


"I am interested in opening a small business from home. I find your articles very interesting. I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I go forward is there any suggestions as how to get started on the web?" Michelle - Pueblo, Colorado


Dear Michelle,

First let me welcome you to SmallBizNews and thank you for subscribing.


Your question is valid and it is the question that each and every business owner should be asking before they open their wallets.


Above, this month's article focuses on the early stages of internet marketing and highlights some key considerations.


There are also some great tools available in the Small Business Resources above.


In addition we offer two great FREE Whitepapers for you to download and employ as brainstorming tools. You can get your FREE Web Site Planner and Getting Started Guide from DavidWilliams.Biz on our Free Whitepapers Page


And I would be remiss if I didn't at least extend you an offer to serve as your web developer. If I've already put this much thought into it - imagine how hard I would work for you if I was paid :)


Thanks Again for visiting us!


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