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December 2005

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The Secret of Internet Marketing: Dispelling the Myths

Local Searches:
Don't Miss Local Marketing Opportunities

First Things First:
Writing Effective Copy for your Audience is the first step in Internet Marketing and SEO

Small Business Resources:
Resources for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Readers' Corner:
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Dispelling the Myths

Dispelling the myths

The Biggest Secret of Internet Marketing Revealed


This is it... This is the most up to date, comprehensive and exhaustive look at the biggest secret in internet marketing that I can offer you for the remainder of 2005! And best of all - It's FREE!!!


You heard me, FREE! Whether you are a paying client, prospective customer or just happened upon this site using the magic of search engines.


I am so confident that this information will be a blessing to you that I am going to give you a money back guarantee.


Of course since it is free -

you will wait a long time for a refund. :)

Internet Marketing  -

Unlocking the Secrets


Dispelling the myths!

Seems like everyone (except yours truly*) is scrambling to make money selling books, e-books and ezine articles that promise to unlock the secrets of internet marketing today.


The process is simple:

  • Do a search for, "the secrets of internet marketing"

  • Choose from the nearly 7 Million results that Google finds in less than a 1/4 of a second touting titles like, "The Answers To All Your Questions" and "The Secrets of Internet Marketing"

  • Send someone a check for $XX.XX

  • And then wait anxiously by the mailbox for the one secret of successful internet marketing

I am here to help you. I am about to tell you THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SECRET OF INTERNET MARKETING. So, without further adieu... here it is:






And anybody who tells you there is one golden secret has probably only slightly evolved from the snake oil salesperson that profited from the mysteries of the 'hard to grasp' many decades ago.


First, let me reassure you that you are probably not slow on the uptake when it comes to internet marketing. It is relatively new and it is evolving and changing daily as internet consumers, technologies and the search engines themselves change.


Because internet marketing is in its infancy there are many aspects that fall into the 'gray areas of the unknown' and that is where many are trying to capitalize by offering to sell you 'the secret keys to unlock the doors'.


Why do we bite? The same reason generations before us did - we're looking for an easy way to make money and when someone offers what appears to be a "compelling", "authoritative" and plausible explanation of the unknown we tend to want to trust them as they invite us to join them on this great upward journey toward success.


Maybe I was unkind in using the 'snake oil salesperson' describer - that would infer that the wares they offer are completely useless. Giving them the benefit of the doubt - some of what they offer may be useful.


To be clear - there are, in fact, certain well guarded approaches to Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing that have proven themselves as "tried and true". And without revealing our secrets of past/present/future successes we can share these simple truths with you:

• know your market - target audience

• write your copy with the target audience in mind
• do it with integrity & demonstrate your reliability (ex. testimonials)

• use only accepted 'white hat' organic search engine optimization techniques
• use your website to 'show and tell' the value of choosing you
• and remember - it is all about their needs... not yours


and - as you've heard me say many times in the past...


Get the 'head nod effect' with complete and comprehensive copy


“40% of all visitors to sites are driven away

due to incomplete content” — Forrester Research.



Local Searches - Are You Missing Local Customers?

I can't stress this enough - In May of 2003 we wrote, "Local Searches are the untapped resource to drive local customers to your business." And in October of 2003 Google debuted their local search and launched local pay-per-click campaigns.


Local Search Marketing provides you, the business owner, with the most targeted and cost effective customer acquisition opportunity.

Your prospective customers are searching more frequently for businesses and services just like yours on the Internet. Studies show that these customers have a serious buying intent.

As a local business you need to figure out how to cost effectively reach out to these customers and start the business relationship. You need to do this even if you don't have a web site yet!

The Internet has changed the way that customers are looking for your business. 11 pound phonebooks are a thing of the past and while people are still letting their fingers do the walking - it's on a computer keyboard.


The Kelsey research group published these statistics and trends:


  • 74% of households use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally.

  • Approximately 45% of local searches had a buying intent.

  • The percentage of respondents who used yellow page directories decreased from 75% to 62%. (If you have a yellow page ad, it is time to consider buying a smaller ad and shifting your marketing dollars to the Internet.)

As local business owners you need to take action now. You need to keep your existing customers, and gain new customers, so you need to be found where they are searching. Local Search Marketing is where your future clients and customers will come from.

So where do you start?


Well, go back to the first paragraph of this article and you'll notice that Local Searches are now over two years old. It is still free to modify your listings with:

  • Google Local

  • Yahoo Local

  • and so on...


These complimentary features of local search and a little initiative on your part and you'll be well on your way.

Be Sure to Capture Local Traffic on Your Web Site

Optimize your site for
Local Customers

Writing Effective Copy

Effective copy writing is the first step to promoting your web site in your internet marketing endeavors.


We have recognized an increasing trend in search engine behavior that will one day change the way web pages are written and developed. Pages that used to rely heavily on keywords and metatags to lure traffic will soon become a thing of the past.


Trust me on this one as I go on the record to say that soon, the search engines will look at and

review the written copy of the page to determine the page relevance and value to the search query.


When this happens - Effective SEO will become what we have been encouraging since day one. Always write for your clients first - Content is Crucial and Content is King.

Writing Effective Copy for Your Clients
Write for Your Prospective Clients First

Small Business Resources

US Small Business Administration What's New? has been incorporated into Before launching your business, be sure to check on specific laws and regulations in your area.

Small Business Administration

A wealth of FREE information, regulations and forms for Small Business Owners every where. Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource.

Readers' Corner


"What was Google Jagger and why did it drop my ranking from page 2 in the search engines to page 7?" Art - Brockport, New York


Dear Art,

First let me welcome you to SmallBizNews and thank you for subscribing.


Your question is filled with multiple sub-questions and while not wanting to be coy - I may not have the answers you seek but I'll give you my 2’ for what it is worth. Additionally, you may find more exhaustive answers through the blogs and articles available on the web about this subject.


We'll call this answer:

Google Jagger Update – Did you need to perform damage control or were you pleasantly surprised?

Once again, Google has made clear that content is king. Google's latest "Jagger" update is strutting about the stage much like its' namesake and screaming, "I can't get no... satisfaction." to web site owners and developers the world over.


To make it clearer than ever that actual website content a.k.a. written copy continues to be perhaps the most vital element in creating a successful website.

Of course, there's a great deal more to the success of your website and this is where it gets fuzzy to some so let's look at what we do know:


- all search engines like content

- especially when it's new and/or updated frequently.

- relevant inbound links from quality sources get noticed.


Those sites where new content is not being added on a regular basis, become stagnant and their rankings often drop.

In Fact, to some degree dynamic sites using asp and solutions that involve large amounts of content gleaned from RSS feeds or search engine results are looking more and more like a good way to get yourself banned from Google.


It's called scraping and scraping is illegal. Why would you want to publish other peoples work in the first place? You alone know your business offering best.

Remember, the best content remains that which is written for the audience.

The people who write and publish good quality information become known as authorities in their fields by building truthful and and thus fruitful relationships.

The downside? It all takes time and you have to do your research.

There are also some great tools available in the Small Business Resources above.


In addition we offer two great FREE Whitepapers for you to download and employ as brainstorming tools. You can get your FREE Web Site Planner and Getting Started Guide from DavidWilliams.Biz on our Free Whitepapers Page


And I would be remiss if I didn't at least extend you an offer to serve as your web developer. If I've already put this much thought into it - imagine how hard I would work for you if I was paid :)


Thanks Again for visiting us!


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