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IE8 Has Problems with CSS

by David Williams - April 9, 2009


While not exclusive to Microsoft's IE8 - CSS is still posing a problem to browsers and in many cases is not being rendered properly.


While not exclusive to IE8 the latest browser from Microsoft is struggling with CSS according to many developers. It didn't take long after the BETA version of the browser was launched for developers to begin complaining about the way IE8 renders CSS dependent components of web pages. Developers use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that define how different elements, such as headers, images, and links, appear. These style sheets can then be applied to any Web page on the site - thereby reducing the amount of time spent formatting each page in html. In Microsoft's defense; the problems are the result of several factors...


  1. Not all web design / web development software is created equally.

  2. W3C Compliance Standards are insanely complicated.

  3. Not all browsers are created equally.

This may sound over simplified but it is actually very concerning.


Suppose you've been designing web pages for over 10 years as I have. You decide that you want to find html editing software (1) that is; W3C Standards Compliant (2) for each facet of a web page's design and Cross Browser Compatible (3) for the way the code is rendered.


Good Luck!


Every Body Wants to Rule the World - enough already!


Additionally, as each new version of web design software and the browsers themselves compete for the top notch in their respective fields - too much time is spent getting a user friendly product on the shelves and compliance and compatibility goes out the window.


Microsoft held the browser market with their IE products for a very long time without significant competition and long before the W3C was even dreamed of. For this reason many designers and developers played within the boundaries of the IE browser and web pages looked the way the were intended to look.


As the competition grew with the biggest new players being Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari; designers suddenly found themselves racing to develop coding the would work in each type of browser - even though the browsers themselves do not render the same piece of code the same way. And, if that isn't enough of a mind twister for designers & developers here's another ironic little kick in the pants... those designers who found themselves developing strictly for IE7 - who thought they'd be safe... The pages are not displaying properly in IE8.


The result:



Because their is no agreement as to the proper way to design & develop among software developers


Because the W3C is so darned complicated


Because Browser developers can't agree


Web Designers and Developers have to waste a lot of time testing the pages they create on different browsers to ensure they look the same once rendered online.


As for me, I hope for the day when I can charge a fair price for my gifts and skills that is billed for the time actually spent using those gifts and skills AND without the need to do additional calculations for the time I had to spend satisfying software engineers who, by the way, are not paying customers.


All the best,
Dave Williams


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