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Current Issue: April ~ June 2008


Google Focuses on User Experience - Shouldn't You?

by David Williams - April 11th, 2008


I tell my Web Design and Organic SEO clients to write copy for the visitors 1st; then consider the search engines. Don't misunderstand, Keyword and Market Research is imperative ahead of the copywriting efforts... However, you have to have good content to engage your audience or your bounce rates will will soar and time on page will drop.


As a search engine consumer I value the efforts Google puts in to delivering the most relevant results for my search queries. And, "Yes", every now and then I click through from Google only to find that the site I landed on has little or nothing to do with my search ~ nobody is perfect. But for the most part I can see the evolution of searches and it is obvious that Google focuses on the user experience - Shouldn't You?


read > Google Focuses on User Experience - So Should You


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